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Ridgid R4512 Contractor Table Saw Review

Looking to move up to a contractor table saw and wondering if the Ridgid R4512 is right for you? Check out our review of all its pluses and minuses!

UPDATE: The R4512 has been discontinued. While you might still be able to find some units for sale, I suggest looking for a different model. The Ridgid R4520 is the most comparable product from Ridgid. Other makes such as the Powermatic 1791230K or Delta 36-5100T2 are also great choices.

The R4512 is a contractor table saw from Ridgid. Contractor table saws are (mostly) stationary and are designed more for woodworkers or home improvement enthusiasts who have space in a shop for a table saw. The R4512 might be considered an entry-level contractor table saw, lacking a few of the fancier features of more expensive models. But it is a great choice for anyone looking to move up from a smaller portable table saw. It does have a couple drawbacks, which I’ll explain below.

Ridgid R4512

Features and Benefits

I’ll walk through the most important features of the R4512 and explain why they matter to you. If you want a more in-depth discussion of what to look for when buying a table saw, check out our complete buying guide.

Motor and Power Supply

The motor is a 120-volt, 13-amp unit that will run on a typical residential power outlet. It’s rated to spin at 3450 RPM. Unlike some models, the R4512 does not have a soft-start feature, so the motor will instantly come up to full speed when turned on.

The power switch is mounted directly below the front edge of the table, rather than on the main body of the unit. This makes it very accessible in case of an emergency, rather than requiring you to reach under the table to find the switch.

Table and Fence

The table on the R4512 is cast iron, which is the mark of a higher-quality contractor table saw. Cast iron tables resist warping and damage more than steel or aluminum tops. And their extra weight, far from being a downside, helps to reduce unwanted vibrations.

The cast iron table measures 20” across and 27” deep. That’s not particularly large for this class of saw. But it does come with two extension wings that can extend the width up to a very respectable 49”. Note that the wings are stamped steel, so more prone to bending or warping than the cast iron main table.

The rip fence is easy to adjust and locks in both the front and the back. Some customers have complained that the front of the fence can sometimes wobble when it’s being locked. But most people seem to find it accurate.


The stand on the R4512 is fairly typical for a contractor saw, with one big exception. Most contractor table saws are meant to be stationary (unless you build or buy an after-market wheeled base). But the R4512 features retractable casters on the base, so when you’re ready to move it, you can pop them into place and wheel it around. Older versions featured four wheels, but some purchasers report that newer ones have only three, which makes it slightly more awkward to move.

Blades and Cutting

The saw accepts 10” blades, and comes packaged with a 40-tooth carbide-tipped general-purpose blade. This blade should perform acceptably for both ripping and crosscutting, but you may think about upgrading the blade if you want the best results. The R4512 can also accept an 8” x 13/16” dado set

Many customers report that the blade alignment is not correct out of the box. You should ensure that the blade is parallel to the miter slots and fence prior to operation. There are plenty of videos like this one that can help you through the process. Most people were able to align their blades without problem, but a few customers have reported that the blade does not stay aligned. I recommend doing this immediately after setting up the unit, and if you encounter and problems, contacting Ridgid customer support to address any problems.

The blade can be angled from 0 to 45 degrees for bevel cuts. At 0 degrees, it can make a cut up to 3 1/4” deep, which is reduced to 2 1/4” at the full 45-degree tilt. Both the bevel and blade height are adjusted via knobs in the front.

Miter Gauge and Slots

Two 3/4” T-slot miter slots, one on either side of the blade, help keep the miter gauge securely in the track. The miter gauge is die-cast and of decent quality, though it features positive stops only at 45 and 90°. Many miter gauges feature positive stops at other commonly-used angles. So if you will be making a lot of mitered cuts, you may consider upgrading your miter gauge at some point.

Dust Collection

If you have a dust collection system in your shop, the R4512 has you covered. It comes with an optional chute that you can mount at the bottom of the unit. The chute provides a standard 4” connector that you can hook a hose up to. (If you’re using a shop vac for dust collection, you’ll probably need to find the appropriate adapter.)


I already mentioned the conveniently-placed power switch above.

The R4512offers three safety features that should be considered must-haves:

  • A clear plastic blade guard goes over the blade to allow your workpiece to slide under it but keep your fingers out.
  • A riving knife behind the blade keeps wood from pinching back shut, which can lead to dangerous kickback.
  • Anti-kickback pawls on either side of the blade dig into wood that’s trying to fly back towards you.

Overall Pros/Cons


  • Accessory slots for installing auxiliary wings
  • Cast iron top for precise cutting
  • Retractable wheels for easy moving around shop


  • May require alignment out of the box to ensure blade is straight

How Does it Compare?

It may help you to consider other products in the same category as the R4512 before making a final decision. Here’s a quick look at some that are worth your attention.

Powermatic 1791230K

This model from Powermatic also includes extension tables to provide up to 50" of rip capacity to the right of the saw. In some ways, that makes it very similar to the Ridgid. But the Powermatic provides a step up in build quality. While there's nothing especially *wrong* with the R4512's construction, if you intend to make heavy-duty use of the table saw, you may appreciate the beefier build of the Powermatic.

Delta 36-5100T2

Three main features differentiate this Delta contractor table saw:

  1. Heavy-duty tubular legs do an even better job of stabilizing the saw.
  2. The Biesemeyer rip-fence is also heavier-duty.
  3. The extension wings are made of cast iron, just like the main table, so they’ll better resist warping and damage.

SawStop CNS175-TGP36

In many respects, this SawStop table saw is very similar to the R4512. The big difference is its patented safety system, which involves built-in sensors on the saw’s blade that detect contact with skin. If the blade happens to make contact with the operator’s skin, the blade stops immediately. This feature comes at a premium price, but if you want the absolute safest contractor table saw around, take a look at this model.


The R4512 is a great choice as someone’s first introduction to contractor table saws. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, and the table is on the smaller side until you install the extensions. And it’ll very likely need some alignment out of the box before you get accurate cuts. But once it’s correctly set up, the motor is powerful enough to handle almost any home improvement or basic woodworking task. The retractable wheels on the base are a very nice feature if you have a smaller shop and don’t have space to dedicate permanently to a table saw.


Ridgid R4512
Power Typecorded
Power - Voltage120 V
Power - Amps13 A
Table Dimensions40” W × 27” D
Miter Slot Dimensions3/4” W × 3/8” D
No-load RPM3450 rpm
Rip Capacity (Right)30”
Rip Capacity (Left)15”
Blade Diameter10”
Maximum Bevel45°
Depth of Cut (at 90°)3 1/4”
Depth of Cut (at 45°)2 1/4”
Maximum Dado Width13/16”
Arbor Size5/8”
Dust Port Diameter4”
Weight267 lbs
Drive Mechanismbelt-drive
Warranty3 year

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